‘Practically Catholic’ is a reflection of my attempt to live my life of faith. Sometimes its a hit, sometimes a miss (when I fall down and fail to live up to my beliefs). I’m pretty a pretty active follower of politics – but my aim when discussing politics in any of my pieces – is to look at where our leaders fail to extend respect, dignity and morals in their actions.

My attempt is to not pass judgement on anyone. I am, however, human. As such, I fall down – repeatedly. My only request in visiting this site is that you be considerate and civil in your communication with others (and me!).

I am a Roman Catholic convert, a wife, and a mother. I do freelance web development from home which allows me to spend time with my children being there for them in their lives. For that, I am extremely grateful and appreciate the blessings that God has given me in allowing me to be so fortunate.

I’ve always been a believer that thoughts placed in my mind or on my heart repeatedly (you know that nagging voice that just won’t go away!) are messages that God wants me to hear. While my greatest vocation is as a wife and a mother, I had been praying for a vocation from God. I felt so strongly that God was calling me closer and sharing with me His grace, but that He wanted me to DO something with those beautiful gifts. When I began to pray to God to share with me His calling for me, the thing that came to me immediately was ‘write’. I wasn’t sure that I knew what it meant at first – and still am not sure! I started thinking about writing about being a Catholic wife and mother on a quest for a deeper spiritual journey.

I mentioned this to a friend who is a very devout Catholic woman who has taught me so much – but most importantly the idea that ‘You get them through love.’ When we were discussing this message I felt I was getting about writing she said ‘You have a wonderful way of applying your faith to your life in a practical sense.’ She, on the other hand, has the most beautiful way of seeing so far beyond what most of us see. In any event, that thought stuck in my mind. Then it came to me ‘Practically Catholic’.

The title has several different meanings. While I can be ‘practically’ Catholic in the most pragmatic of ways, I can also be ‘practically’ Catholic in the way I fail to live up to what is asked of me as a Catholic. Those who aren’t Catholic may read that and think that somehow the Catholic Church is placing demands on me somehow. Not at all. As a Catholic I believe that God wants me to live based on the teachings of the Bible. This, to me, is the most beautiful responsibility that I can accept. I have embraced my beliefs and my faith, and in turn, God has wrapped His arms around me in a warm and loving embrace.

Peace and Blessings

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