A little Lenten humor.

Simcha Fisher is a VERY funny writer. Enjoy!

Here’s a little taste:

WEIRD BEHAVIOR:  Your homeschooling friend is usually dressed, made up, and pulling some delicious baked good out of the oven by 8 a.m. while the children quietly practice their Bible memory verses together.  You stop by to visit her in her home one late afternoon, and she is not only still in her pajamas, but her kids, who are naked, are all on the roof, pulling bricks out of the chimney and throwing them at passing cars.  Smoke is pouring out of the oven, the dog is in tears, and your friend won’t come out from under the table.

EXPLANATION: She has given up lunch gin.

Read more: http://www.ncregister.com/blog/simcha-fisher/a-non-catholics-guide-to-lenten-weirdness#ixzz1nKHfSUa9