The Truth About The Truth

Today’s first world culture has access to information at our fingertips. In the blink of an eye, we can search for answers online and obtain clarity about just about any subject on which we have question. That isn’t to say, however, that we can’t also find erroneous answers and misleading information in our search for the truth. Thankfully, there are enough solid and credible sources available that the truth is very easy to find – and quickly! With that in mind, we have to stop and wonder why we live in a world that seeks existence in a virtual reality that seems, at times, as far as one can get from the truth. Our experience also tells us and has dictated that the further we live from the truth the more complicated life becomes.

If we believe that God and His plan for the world through the divine natural order He created is the core of truth we can see perfection. Nature is built upon perfection – the ultimate truth. Step outside your front door into nature and you will see a marvel of harmony among plants and animals. Step a little further into the desert of Africa and you will see the perfection that exists in the miraculous cycle of life. Lions eat the smaller mammals which have been grazing on the grass. What remains of the smaller animals are left for the predatory birds and even smaller animals which pick the carcass clean. The remaining carcass dries in the sun, decomposes and becomes nutrients for the soil. The rains come and, with the sun and the nutrients from the decomposed animals, feed the soil  so that the grass can grow and feed the smaller animals so that they can grow, reproduce and feed the lions etc… Its a perfect cycle of harmony in nature. All of nature was designed to exist in this perfection. We have, however, in the ‘genius’ that is man’s brain come to believe that we are smarter than the God that created this and stepped in to add our own ‘perfection’ to nature – which, has, of course set the harmony off kilter. Rather than stop what we are doing to ‘improve’ upon the perfect, we add something else to the system in order to ‘fix’ what we had added to ‘fix’ what wasn’t in need of fixing in the first place.

John Harrison's H1 TimepieceThere is a wonderful analogy that can be found in history when looking back at John Harrison’s life work in the 1700s. Harrison was a carpenter who had a proficiency for making and repairing clocks in his spare time. He developed a thorough understanding of the intricacy of keeping time and spent the better part of his life working on a project to solve the problem of how to keep time while at sea in order that one could properly calculate longitude and allow ship’s captains to correctly asses their position on the globe. Harrison built several timepieces and put each of them to the test of a voyage at sea. What he discovered was that there were elements at sea that he might not have considered – for example, types of movement that he couldn’t replicate on land – and that the timepieces would lose time during the course of the trial rendering them inaccurate. When he returned from the trial, Harrison would modify the timepiece somewhat and test it as best he could on land and then return to sea for another trial when he felt the timepiece was ready. What often happened is that the adjustments were subtle or additional pieces needed adding or modifying in such a way that it became difficult for anyone other than Harrison to understand how the timepieces functioned. After some time, he would eventually learn enough from one timepiece that he would begin a new timepiece based on what he had learned with the previous. What he finally discovered was the perfection in the pendulum and he was able to create a small enough timepiece that was efficient enough to be used at sea.

What we can see in Harrison’s experience is the idea that there is an ultimate truth – in his case, the pendulum – but that the further we stray from the simplicity of the truth the more complex the situation becomes until we no longer understand how complex we have made it because we have added so many variations to its existence and it no longer becomes efficient or workable. In our attempt to achieve our own worldly ‘perfection’, we have looked at various situations with our limited worldly knowledge and attempted to identify every single permutation but have failed because we cannot see the divine plan which takes into account all the intricacies of God’s creations.

Take, for example, the recent situation of the lesbian couple that sought a sperm donor through Craigslist. They decided that since they were unable to procreate on their own, but wanted a child, they would find someone to provide ‘the seed’. They hired a lawyer to draft an agreement with the donor such that he would relinquish all responsibilities as a father. All parties involved signed the agreement and the ‘donation’ took place. Fast forward some time and the couple split up with only one of the women retaining custody of the child. She fell on hard times, found herself unable to work and sought welfare from the state. The state, after some time, decided that it shouldn’t have to provide the sole support for the woman and her child, and sought assistance from the ‘donor’. But wait, didn’t the donor relinquish all rights to look after the child? Yes, he did. But the letter of the law specifically states that a contract such as that could *only* apply in the case where the ‘donation’ was made through a medical office. Since they had not involved a medical practitioner – the terms of the agreement didn’t apply and the state had the right to sue the father for support on behalf of the child even though the mother and the child didn’t seek support from the father and disagreed with the state lawsuit.

Ultimately, if we look around us in the world is that the further we have moved from the natural order in all aspects of our lives, we have added levels of complexity to the law in order to accommodate the ‘un-natural order’ and have failed to predict each and every permutation that may exist. As such, our legal code – and cultural code – has become increasingly complex and difficult to comprehend. It has also, at times, conflicted with itself.

Not only have we added to the complexity of life in our desire to live out our own truths rather than a fundamental ‘real’ truth, but we have allowed ourselves to become blinded to the ‘real’ truth and we have become accepting of those things that are clearly outside the realm of ‘truth’. In short, we allow ourselves to be lied to – repeatedly. One would think that with the access to truth available at our finger tips that we would become ‘smarter’ or more enlightened. To some degree that has happened making it harder for us to be ‘lied’ to but we continue to allow it to happen in some cases, and in others we simply don’t like the ‘truth’ so we choose to follow our own ‘truth’.


Consider the issue of abortion. It has been 40 years since abortion became legal in the United States. Since that time, over 50 million unborn children have been killed inside the womb. In the early 1970s we could behave as though we did in the 1950s when we didn’t talk about ‘those kinds of things’. We referred to it – and still do – as a ‘choice’. It was very easy to overlook the reality of the situation when we didn’t have access to information that confirmed what we already knew – that the life inside the womb was a baby. Its easy to ignore that truth when you don’t have to look at or see the truth. Today, however, we know the biological truth. Science has confirmed that at the moment of conception a new life begins with its own unique DNA. Ultrasounds have confirmed what life inside the womb looks like from a very early stage. We know that by 9 weeks a baby inside the womb has all of its vital organs and simply needs time to grow and mature in order to prepare for life outside the womb. Technology has advanced such that we are able to save children before 40 weeks of gestation and we know that they are able to live with specialized care outside the womb as early as 24 weeks. We still, however, permit abortion in some states as late as this and – in some cases – even later.

Why do we do it? Its because we ignore the truth or because we are lied to. Abortion clinics and organizations like Planned Parenthood refuse to tell the truth. They train their workers to use words like ‘fetus’ or ‘blob of tissue’ to refer to the life inside – anything to avoid telling the mother that its a baby. Their explanation is that they do this so as to not upset the mother during a time of a ‘difficult decision’. There are many who walk through the doors of an abortion clinic who do not fully understand biology and truly believe what they are being told. They are in a clinic and are with ‘experts’ who they can trust. These women don’t yet believe or know that the life inside is a baby and many of them report being horrified after their abortions when they see an image of what their baby would have looked like inside the womb at the time of their abortion. What they see in the images contradicts what they had been told at the abortion clinic. They had not been told the truth.

On the other hand, there are those who say “I would never have an abortion myself, but I respect a woman’s right to choose.” What does is really mean to say that? Instead of using the words ‘abortion’ and phrase ‘right to choose’ – let’s use the description of what that word and phrase means and expand on what that phrase is saying.

“I would never intentionally terminate my pregnancy by the removal or expulsion from my uterus through surgical or pharmaceutical means a fetus or embryo, but I respect a woman’s right to choose.”

We’ll keep going and break down the words until the sentences are full descriptions.

“I would never intentionally terminate my offspring developing in my body by the removal or expulsion from my uterus through surgical or pharmaceutical means a human being with its own unique DNA structure in its earliest stages of development either before the first 9 weeks of being carried in the womb before birth or an unborn human being with all of its vital organs fully formed and simply needing time to grow in order to survive outside the womb, but I respect a woman’s right to choose to intentionally terminate her offspring developing in her body by the removal or expulsion from my uterus through surgical or pharmaceutical means a human being with its own unique DNA structure in its earliest stages of development either before the first 9 weeks of being carried in the womb before birth or an unborn human being with all of its vital organs fully formed and simply needing time to grow in order to survive outside the womb.”

That – complicated as it sounds – is the truth. It is the truth based on the definition of the words used within. Note the words ‘offspring’, ‘human being’ etc… all those terms are the ‘truth’. If abortion really is an acceptable ‘choice’ – then why are we unable to tell the truth about it to the women seeking that ‘choice’? If we can’t tell the truth about it, then perhaps its not an acceptable choice and we shouldn’t be permitting – much less encouraging – women to seek out that choice.

All truth passes through three stages. First, it is ridiculed. Second, it is violently opposed. Third, it is accepted as being self-evident. - Arthur Schopenhauer

We need to work toward being a culture of truth and being courageous enough seek out and follow truth in our lives. The truth is at our fingertips should we choose to seek it out and we sell ourselves short if we think we don’t know when we are being lied to and allow ourselves to submit to the lie. We have the ability to change our culture for the better if we stop and examine that which is being fed to us on a regular basis through the media and other sources and pause to ask ourselves on what truth is it based? And if it isn’t based in truth, then we need to ask ourselves why.