The intentional levee break conspiracy theory.

For those who think that the levees in New Orleans were intentionally broken as some sort of racial effort, consider this: then why did the 17th Street Canal break too? Was this just a rouse to ensure that no one would be on to us?

“Perhaps we should blow out the 17th Street Canal and wipe out Lakeview also just to ensure that no one is suspicious.”

And for anyone who thinks that it was only the 9th Ward that suffered from the storm – take a drive through Lakeview and Old Metairie. Believe me, this storm affected EVERYONE in some way.

And as for Jesse Jackson’s theory on the barge (see story here), just remember the key word in the Army Corps of ENGINEERS. Who likely has more expertise in matters regarding Engineering, the Reverend Jesse Jackson or a team of trained engineers?

Sometimes its the little things that make you SO happy!

I was out running errands today with my children. We were driving home and I decided to drive by Whole Foods to get the 1-800 number they were advertising to place pick-up orders. Much to my happiness and surprise, the ‘store within a store’ was open! The tires screeched as we turned around and headed into the parking lot to go shopping. Never in my life have I been SO happy to go shopping! After weeks of mediocre produce and missing my favourite food items, I was able to stock up on all of our favourite things!

While shopping, I spoke with the regional director who told me that the store hadn’t actually suffered much damage, but had been inundated with mold. As such, they decided to shut down completely and do a thorough spraying to remove any and all mold. As such, they won’t be open until about March. He did say that the Uptown store was expected to open again in January.

What I was wondering was whether or not the other grocery stores that have opened experienced the same onslaught of mold. If so, how thoroughly did they deal with it if they are already open? Hmmmm…. food for thought.

A story to bring tears to your eyes.

Gibbons read and forwarded this story to me and I’ve been sitting here reading it with tears pouring down my face. While it is wonderful to be back, I’m glad that these stories are being shared to help remind me that everything that we live right now is not ‘normal’. It is the result of the worst natural disaster in U.S. history. I still cry when I run through my neighbourhood and see the devastation that is so close to us and that we so narrowly missed.

We are surviving and picking up the pieces and moving on, but we need to remember what has happened here and how severely it has impacted people’s lives.

Some days I want to pack it in and head back to Austin, but then I see how much is being done and the good that is happening and I feel strongly about staying and being part of that effort in any way we can.

I do, however, like to read stories like this and have a good cry now and then so that I can continue the grieving process for what has happened to this, our home. If you have a moment, please read this story – it is a story about an amazing woman who dug deep and found a tremendous amount of strength within to get through the immediate aftermath of the storm and flood. In doing so, she was able to facilitate the rescue of over 1200 people. A remarkable woman.

View story.

Back from NYC!

Wow! What a fantastic weekend! I arrived back in New Orleans tonight after a whirlwind weekend in Austin and New York. I left New Orleans last Thursday morning to pack up our apartment in Austin. On Friday morning, I flew to New York City to run the ING NYC Marathon. What a trip! First let me back up and let you know how it all came together… I’ve been running for a few years now. My coach, Andrew Lillly, was registered to run the ING NYC Marathon this year – and then Hurricane Katrina hit. To make a long story short, he contacted the ING NYC Marathon and asked if they would be willing to help support a group of runners from New Orleans who wanted to come and run the marathon. They offered him 12 spots in the race. This is an EXTREMELY difficult race to get into. Many try and try and have difficulty getting in. To be offered 12 spots is incredibly generous and quite incredible! Their media director LOVED the idea and immediately got working on getting media coverage…